Wat vindt men in de VS van de nieuwe CR-V

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With 18 all new or redesigned SUVs considered for Motor Trend’s SUV/Crossover of the Year, 2015 Honda CR-V walked away with top honors in North America’s fastest growing automotive segment; CR-V out-values the competition.

2015 Motor Trend SUV/ Crossover of the year goes to Honda CR-V


Think Oscar night win for an Indie Film producer or director. Honda has cost-effectively and over-standard optioned the U.S. Big 3 automakers, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Kia, Optima, Porsche and all comers in the fastest growing automotive segment in North America. 2015 Honda CR-V offers greatest standard feature value in class.

Built in Liberty Ohio, 4 generations and 2 million CR-Vs have been sold in North America.

I was invited by American Honda Motors in September to participate in the 2015 CR-V roll-out. While skeptical at first,(CR-V was not my favorite Honda)I was blown away by the measurable improvements Honda has made to what was allready North America’s best selling small SUV, 7 out of the past 10 year, I discovered the benefits of improved ride,“EarthDreams” engine and the best CVT transmission in the class.

For me, the drive was an eye opener and a game changer.

2015 CR-V is the benchmark of the segment

What Honda has done here is take a small utility crossover, increased standard feature value, improved interior finishes, increased fuel efficiency and added torque to the midrange. Gone is the day of the high revving, gear searching, underpowered and cramped CR-V.

At 6’5” I found the much improved perforated leather covered driver’s seat to be infinitely adjustable and comfortable. All controls and gauges are placed within eye level and centered appropriately. Head and shoulder room is more than adequate and the rear 40/60 split rear bench is “ top of class for sitting comfort and legroom.

For the first time CR-V features rear centered heating and cooling. Well done Honda!

Ford Escape and Toyota Rav4 can’t touch Honda CR-V

We drove the competition while in Huntington Beach. None came close to the combined performance and creature-comfort attributes of 2015 Honda CR-V, none! While Ford Escape marks # 2 sales in the segment, its ride, power, electronics and overall finish quality pales in comparison to CR-V. There’s also a greenhouse (cage forward) tunnel-like visual inherent to the competition that you won’t find in CR-V. It’s not that the competition is bad, simply put, for the dollar spent, CR-V is that much better.